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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why doesn't the IFPL give more specific information about the person you have located, such as their address or phone number?

A: The IFPL is intentionally vague as to the exact location of the person you have found. This gives these people a measure of privacy, requiring contact between these people via email or instant messaging before they meet in person.

Q: The IFPL reports that someone is living 0 miles away from me, or someone I know is just a mile away is preported as living 15 miles from me, what's happening here?

A: Unless you entered your Latitude/Longitude directly, the IFPL estimates your position where you live by the Zip/Postal/etc. code that you entered. These codes are typically the center of population for the location you entered. If someone else enters the same code you did, they will show up as 0 miles away (Their center of population is the same as yours). In the case of someone who enters a different location code, even though they may be only a mile or two away, the center of population for their code may be miles away from the center of your population. Unless preceise coordinates are entered for your account (Latitiude/Longitude) data for your home, the IFPL cannot be 100% accurate, but it will get a good estimate of how far someone lives from you.

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: To delete an account, login as that account and change the username to DELETE.

Q: Why is there no guest account for the IFPL?

A: The IFPL is built around the concept of people finding each other. To be located you need to have your information listed in the system. A guest account would let people see who's near them, but not enter their information in the system. The decision was made that in order to see who's near you, you have to allow them to see that you are near them. Keep in mind

Q: What is the history of the IFPL, where did it come from?

A: Read about the IFPL

Internet Furry Proximity Locator - Frequently Asked Question
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